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Except for a handful of isolated pockets of excellence, the national system of preparing physics teachers is largely inefficient, mostly incoherent, and massively unprepared to deal with the current and future needs of the nation's students.
- National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics
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I am currently using my materials in Engineering Science at Niagara County Community College..................We can successfully fold a non-traditional student immediately into a rigorous Engineering Science Program, even if the non-traditional student never had high school physics...................We can also successfully fold a high school student into Engineering Science, even if they had very poor high school physics instruction - which is more common than you could imagine...............We are the only college in the United States that can do this...................There is a load of talent out there, particularly in the skilled trades, that is waiting to be upgraded to rigorous engineering, and molded by an ABET accredited program..................According to CareerBuilder.com, the top eight highest paying Bachelor's degrees are: (1) Petroleum Engineering, (2) Chemical Engineering, (3) Computer Engineering, (4) Mining and Mineral Engineering, (5) Computer Science, (6) Electrical Engineering, (7) Materials Engineering and (8) Systems Engineering...................U.S. high schools are also, on the average, doing a very poor job preparing our children for these careers!..................Newtonian Thinkers has been put on hold for a while........
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Our hope is that by working through our materials, you can become a Newtonian Thinker and have an understanding of physics so great that...

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Are you looking for something challenging for your children? Well, you have come to the right place. At Newtonian Thinkers, we are building an online learning community where anyone can learn Newtonian Physics.

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Are you looking for something new and challenging for your science program, but find yourself lacking the resources to hire a new physics teacher and buy a lot of expensive equipment?

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About Newtonian Thinkers

Here at Newtonian Thinkers, we have set out to revolutionize the way that high school students learn physics. Our series of mechanics textbooks is designed for self study and will give you a thorough understanding of mechanics without the help of a physics teacher! Mechanics applies to all other branches of physics, so once you have a good understanding of this subject, you will be prepared to tackle any college level physics or engineering class. We have developed three text books, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Mechanics. Each winds deeper into the mathematics and concepts required for a thorough understanding of mechanics. We even include some material from university-level Statics and Dynamics courses in the last book!

At Newtonian Thinkers, we are also dedicated to developing an online learning community where students, parents, and even educators across the country can collaborate and share ideas. Our message boards are moderated by staff members with a good understanding of physics and math, so there will always be someone around to answer your questions. Learning physics does not have to be painful... in fact, it is our goal to make it simple and enjoyable!

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